The Return

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The Return

“History is a nightmare from which I’m trying the wake.” — James Joyce

The Return is a post-apocalyptic story about a young woman called Lyra and a voyage that leads her to the end of the world… and back.

In the cloistered, Crucible-esque community, Lyra’s life is a simple cycle of prayer and household chore. That is, until a unnamed traveller arrives with fantastical tales, legends and half-heard myths and fables. Bewitched by these stories Lyra embarks on a journey into the untravelled world beyond the woods only to discover a long lost civilisation that challenges everything she ever thought she knew of the world.

The Return follows in the macabre footsteps of Stephen King and is inspired by the folk and fairy tales that trickle down through time. It deals with the cyclical nature of history and the way in which stories shape our lives and beliefs. The production takes the form of a Greek Tragedy with a bold physical style, incorporating the use of a chorus and live music to build a rich and detailed world. It is a character driven story that asks the question: can we ever escape our history, and even if we could, would we really want to?

This highly inventive and uniquely creative production is a little gem… It was a privilege to be in the audience — North West End ★★★★★

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Creative Team

Sophie Coward, Christopher Finnegan, Sophie Giddens, Joseph Lynch, Katherine Lunney, Katie Robinson, Michael White

A 30 minute sharing of the work-in-progress was first performered at HOME Manchester's PUSH Festival, January 2017.