The Return

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The Return

The whole village was there to wish her well. They gathered and knelt along the pews and threw advice like confetti. The bashful bride, a young woman forced into marriage, did all she could to smile. But in the remote community nestle by the ocean, where the men fish and worked the land, she knew there was no escape.

Everyday she walked along the rocky beach and out into the fields and stared at the forest that bordered the town. The forest that caged them like prisoners. The whole community was cloistered in a pre-industrial age where dogma and doctrine reigned. There was no escape. Until one morning a light came from the darkness. A light that would throw their lives into question. A light that would be their salvation, if it didn’t destroy them first.

The Return is the fifth production by Square Peg Theatre. A heart-stopping thriller following in the macabre footsteps of Stephen King. The character driven story is propelling by a bold physical style that incorporates live music and sound effects to give life to the smallest of details. A feast for the imagination it will lead you into a claustrophobic world torn apart by faith, superstition and modernity.

This highly inventive and uniquely creative production is a little gem… It was a privilege to be in the audience — North West End ★★★★★

Creative Team

Sophie Coward, Christopher Finnegan, Sophie Giddens, Joseph Lynch, Katherine Lunney, Katie Robinson, Michael White

A 30 minute sharing of the work-in-progress was first performered at HOME Manchester's PUSH Festival, January 2017.