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  • Survival tips for local theatres post-covid

    The COVID-19 pandemic and the attendant lockdowns ground human activity to an almost complete halt for most of 2020. Schools, businesses, and cultural centres were alls instructed to close to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.  One sector that was massively affected was theatre, and although things are slowly getting back to normal, there are […]

  • Three Benefits of Touring Theatre Companies

    Three Benefits of Touring Theatre Companies

    Live theatre productions have been around since the days of ancient Greece. From the fifth century stage to modern-day Broadway, people come from far and wide to act in a show or see people perform. Why is there such a draw of people to the stage? Theatre enriches a community, inspires people, and brings training […]

  • Playgroup is Back

    Playgroup is Back

    We mentioned in our last Newsletter that we we ran an Introduction to Lecoq Technique workshop alongside our performances of Rosequarter at PULL Festival, but unfortunately that has now totally sold out… But don’t worry if you missed out!  Playgroup’s back! We’re running our weekly actor training sessions again for the New Year, and tickets for the first term go on […]

  • Inside Out

    Inside Out

    We’re running a workshop in a few weeks (26th August) at WeWork Sheffield, called: Working Physically with Words.  But what does that mean: to work physically with words?  I dug out my old note book from school and found this quote from Philippe Gaulier on the first page: To sell your own pain is dishonourable. Act. Have fun. Create another […]

  • Performers Assemble

    Performers Assemble

    We’re looking for theatre-makers and performers interested in joining Square Peg Theatre to make and develop some new productions across UK.  We don’t have a specific casting breakdown, however, we’re looking for: strong performers with a background in physical theatre  experience of devising theatre performers that can play an instrument and/or sing – (not essential) The central focus […]